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Taytanchis is all about spirituality and Inca Shamanism. Founder is Wolf Rappard, Shaman and international certified NLP trainer. Experience a spiritual Munay-Ki Retreat from 6 to 13th of May 2019 with the 9 initiations interspersed with hikes, yoga sessions and a special excursion to Casita Verde in Ibiza.


What is Munay-Ki?

Munay-Ki consists of a series of nine energetic initiations and rites. These rites have been passed on by the Q'ero people living high in the Andes and direct descendants of the Inca culture. 

Munay is a word that comes from Quechua, the language spoken by the Q'ero and it means Love and also ‘be your real self’. 

Munay-Ki invokes a big clean up in your energy body. This is a collection of everything that we are and what we have experienced. By cleaning this energyfield , we can let go the past and prepare for our time that is to come.

Actually, with each initiation, you open a door in your personal unique process of accelerated evolution to consciousness, unconditional love and to who and what you really are. To passion in order to realize and manifest your true destiny and to live in complete harmony and get closer to the consciousness of unity.

Why should you want to follow Munay-Ki?

The new world is here! From 21-12-2012 we have entered the golden era (Inca period) of consciousness. We will now have to learn to use the opportunities afforded to us to shape this new world. We are reaching out to our full potential. Munay-Ki is designed to transform humanity to a society that is more connected to the earth and the realization that we are one.

What does Munay-Ki give you?

Munay-Ki allows you to make contact with wholeness, harmony, understanding, love, freedom, insight, strength and transformation. It is a journey to who you really are. Away from the illusion of separation back to consciousness of unity.

It is therefore a new look ... ..a new philosophy of life. The seeds are handed over to you. You decide what action to take. Let the divine spark in the depths of your being awake!

Join us in a wonderful journey in our program with NLP influences, spiritual hikes and Yoga sessions.

Program: Munay-Ki Retreat 6 up to 13 May 2019


  • 7-days Munay-Ki workshop
  • Meals included (except in the free moments)
  • one hour yoga every day by a certified yoga teacher
  • Stay based on shared room
  • Beautiful hikes (3x) and an excursion to Casita Verde (ecological community)


€ 1195.-  (if registration and payment is done before 1 february 2019 € 100 discount applies)


Follow the call of your heart and sign up!

"De essentie is de intentie"

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