The Nine Initiations

The Nine Initiations of the Munay-Ki (Rites)

  • Hampe Karpay ( Healers Rite)

    This initiation will help you in your personal healing process. This initiation awakens the healing power of your hands. With this initiation your healing journey will begin.

    You will discover that you are not alone and you will receive great support from the spiritual world.

  • Chumpi Karpay (Bands of Power Rite)

    This inititation is an essential protection. With this initiation belts are woven into your luminous energy field. They are called the Bands of Power. 

    They consist of five energetic elements: earth, water, fire, air and pure light.

    These bands act as a filter who will absorb negative or heavy energies that come at your way and convert it into positive energy.

    They feed you so in a positive way instead of making you toxic or ill.

    You will notice that they will allow you to be powerful and you will find it easier to set your boundaries.

  • Ayni Karpay (Harmony Rite)

    During this initiation you receive seven archetypes into your seven main chakras. In the first you receive the archetype of Snake; in the second, that of Jaguar; in the third of Hummingbird; In the fourth of Eagle.

    The last three are archangel-like energies. In the fifth you will receive the energy of Huascar Inca, the Keeper of the Lower World, in the sixth (third eye) of Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent) or Keeper of the Middle World and in the seventh at last of Pachakuti or the Keeper of the Upper World.

    They are like seeds brought to your energy centers. By doing fire ceremonies you will feed them and let them grow. Once fully grown, they will help to burn the waste accumulated in the chakras.

    This initiation will help you to let go of the past.

  • Kawaq Karpay (Seers Rite)

    With this initiation, fibers of light are installed.
    They connect the visual cortex in your brain with your third eye and heart chakra.

    In time you will find that you regain the ability to look into unseen worlds. Also, you will be able to perceive energy more easily.

  • Pampamesayoq (Daykeepers Rite)

    This initiation connects you with the medicine men and women from the past. The Daykeeper can evoke the strength of ancient shrines such as Machu Picchu and Stonehenge to restore wholeness and balance in the world. 

    This initiation ensures the start of the healing process of your inner woman. It helps you to move beyond fear and practice peace.

  • Altomesayoq (Wisdomkeepers Rite)

    For Q'eros which are direct descendants of the Incas, wisdom is to be found in the mountains. Elsewhere in the world summits are also be seen as places of strength, where people meet the Divine.

    This initiation will help you to develop the ability to step outside of time and taste infinity. Here your mastership develops .

  • Kuraq Akuyeq (Earthkeepers Rite)

    This initiation connects you with a line of angels and archangels. They protect our galaxy and take care of all life on earth. By this initiation, you can develop the ability to ' dream the world in its genesis.' In other words you can create your desired world by your mind.

  • Mosoq Karpay (Starkeepers Rite)

    At 21-12- 2012 we left the Iron Age to enter the Golden Age. This was accompanied by a change in frequency of the universe , by means of this initiation we are given a helping hand to adapt to it. 

    Our physical body evolves into a luminous body and so we become a Homo Luminus.

    This slows down numerous processes such as aging and makes you less vulnerable to diseases.

    Your DNA will adapt and after 11 months you will be no longer the person you were before.

  • Taytanchis (Creator Rite)

    The Divine light awakens in you by receiving this initiation. Only since 2006 it is possible to pass on this initiation from human to human.

Basic Initiations:

The first of four initiations of the Munay-Ki are preparatory initiations. By receiving these first four you clear the way to go into the second series of initiations.

These four initiations ensure that your luminous energy field is being prepared and you can start to release the past. 


The Connection Initiations:

This second series of initiations will provide an intense connection with guides and energies.

They can help us to transform ourselves and the world. They provide support and ensure that we again can remember things from the past. They support us and let us experience our place again in the big picture.


New Initiations

These last two initiations are meant to transcend ourselves.

"De essentie is de intentie"

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